Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The colour purple

We're moving!!! :D

We searched - well, I searched :-b - and found a flat!! First one we saw, we loved and its now ours! So this Saturday we're moving...! Very. Excited. Been busy packing, but so far not too manic. I'm hoping I'll be a bit more creative there, with a bit more space to myself - and an arty buddy round the corner ;) Speaking of Manic (Panic)...been thinking of dying my hair purple again!

Eh, busy applying for jobs too....things are pretty uncertain at work at the moment (and temps are always the first to go), so taking every opportunity that comes up! I've found five (I think!) so far between here and the other local Uni - all of which are due in in the next fortnight! - so I should hopefully be okay!

So er this space! ^_^ In the mean time: an oldie but a goody.

Halloween '06 - I nailed that costume.

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