Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Productivity 1 : 0 FB

Last night I deactivated my facebook account. I feel SOOO FREEEE!!!

With my new found freedom comes lots of space to be creative and productive. Today I made a makeshift storage box for my shelving unit.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Crikey only 2 years since my last post?! What have I been doing?! Oh, I guess I was at college for a year... Then sorting my life out a bit, starting a new job and oh moving house for times over the last year!! Phew! Finally somewhere or like to stay a while though.

I'm not even unpacked and already I'm wanting to start projects.

1) A little bike shelter for the house bikes in the back garden, as there's no shed, garage etc. This is Bristol: everyone cycles, so it will definitely be a valuable addition to the house, even after I've moved out.

2) Having seen one in a neighbour's bedroom, I now want - need! - to build a loft bed! Something like the photo below. My room is fairly small so it will mean a much more economical use of space. Plus, they're just fun!